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Vote to End Hunger is a broad coalition of individuals and organizations all committed to ending hunger in the U.S. and around the world by 2030. We believe that it will take the combined public and political will to do this and are working together to elevate the issue of hunger with candidates during the 2016 election cycle.

We are committed to asking candidates for public office in the 2016 election: “If elected, what will you do to end hunger, alleviate poverty, and create opportunity in the US and worldwide?”




51% of U.S. public school kids live in low-income homes.



1 in 9 people worldwide are malnourished.

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Do you believe we can end hunger in America and worldwide by 2030?

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People Are Talking About the Vote to End Hunger!

In 2016, Voters From Both Parties Say Hunger Is An Election Issue

A new poll by No Kid Hungry shows that 2016 likely voters view hunger as an extremely important problem. Majority of voters (67%) have experienced hunger personally or have seen it in their communities. Public support for action on hunger crosses party lines, with solid majorities in both parties saying there is not enough focus on the issue. Voters see hunger as a national issue and say smart, effective government programs are the solution.

Vote to End Hunger focusing on elections

DES MOINES | A coalition of advocacy groups believes the right kind of government action could eliminate world hunger in the next 15 years.

The groups collaborating on Vote to End Hunger believe achieving that lofty goal starts with quizzing candidates and convincing voters to make hunger issues voting issues in the 2016 elections.

Vote to End Hunger Launched at #FoodPrize15

The Iowa Food Summit took place today in Des Moines, IA leading up to the opening of this year’s World Food Prize. Following the Summit, several national nonprofits launched a new campaign, Vote to End Hunger (VTEH), an effort to urge 2016 presidential candidates to focus on ending hunger, alleviating poverty and creating global opportunity.

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